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Danny Haslam (Mobile): +44 7738 068902

About Our Company


Eco Craftsman are renowned for providing a premium service and for being a well-known family owned business, that has operated in Buckinghamshire and Surrounding area for years. The family name ‘Haslam’ has been associated with the highest quality plastering for over decades. This includes 4 generations of plastering and construction which began through Ernie Haslam and branched down through Stanley and then Ray Haslam. At current, the Business is well run by son of Ray Haslam, Daniel, who now operates the business across many counties, specialising in unique lines of work. We are recognised as one of the premier construction companies in Buckinghamshire. our team pride themselves on their diligence and painstaking attention to detail, call us now for your free quote. we provide completely free estimates with no obligations. We will even do site visits at your convenience. Give us a call on 0773 806 8902 or use our contact form to provide us with a detailed description of project. We will arrange for an estimator to give you a visit at your convenience.

We provide the best Rendering | Internal Plastering | Screeding services in Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire.